August 7, 2010

While I'm Waiting

Monday's ultrasound cannot get here soon enough. I'm eager, excited, nervous and anything else you can name. I'm trying to pass the time as best as I can. Of course I'm dying for that ultrasound, but I'm also ready to hear if my IVF restrictions are still in place. Oh yes, there is a list of things I currently "can't" do. These will seem extreme to you, but think of the things IVF does to a person's body. Re's like to make sure that there is no chance you can ruin what you've worked so hard for.

So, there is a lifting limit of 10 pounds. I know that probably sounds decent, but I've been pretty strict on this. For instance, I ordered a shower gift from Crate and Barrel and it came yesterday. The box said it weighed 10.5 pounds. I didn't bring it in the house. Mr. Later Than Most got home 4 hours later and brought it in. Hey, no reason to not be cautious! Actually, I now wander around the house wondering how much things weigh.

House work can only be light. No vacuuming. Yup, no vacuuming. I'd like to tell you that this is going well, but this is day three that Mr. Later Than Most has forgot to vacuum. To make myself feel better, I pushed the Swiffer around the kitchen today. Actually, I cleaned for like and hour and then decided I shouldn't do more today. So, I've been watching movies ever since!

No baths and no swimming. Let me tell you, I'm dreaming about baths right now. Not that I've taken many in my life, but I've never wanted one more. Again, this is an extreme one, but they want absolutely no risk of infection. So, no chilling out in water.

Um, no intimate time with Mr. Later Than Most. Trust me, after two years of trying, we're kinda okay with this right now. :)

I'm still taking several medications. I've gotten used to the gross Endometrium inserts three times a day. The baby aspirin is kicking my ass. If you were to sit on my lap, I'd probably get a giant bruise. My arm is still very black and blue from last Monday's blood draw!

So, that's the list. Luckily, I'm a book addict and have been reading a bunch of stuff while I'm waiting for my appointment. I love to plan things and be overly prepared, so the baby books are on my daily reading list. Also, I've been doing some internet browsing as well. I know it's way too early, but I love shopping and it helps me stay positive. I truly haven't bought anything, but I love looking.

Tomorrow I have breakfast with some girlfriends. As I've mentioned before, one of them is onto me. So, I'll be having my first cup of regular coffee tomorrow morning. Yes, I will go that far to throw her off. I don't want people speculating and talking about me. They can wait until October to find out :)

Well, truly this is a boring weekend. Mr. Later Than Most is out golfing and then a BBQ with friends. I didn't want to go to explain the lack of drinking, so here I am. I have plenty to do to prepare for the upcoming school year and to get my classroom ready, however, I'm pretty sure those scissors weigh around 12 pounds, so I better put that work off just a little bit longer :)


Christina said...

I don't know about the scissors, but the books and desks certainly weigh a lot! :-) Can't wait to meet you (in real life that is...) !!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL... loving these blogs... i bet even when you get the all clear you still be super carful with baths/pools and lifting.. and i say stick with no vaccuming rule... hubbys gotta love that!
BM :-)