August 19, 2010

Moving Along

Wednesdays are a huge milestone to me. They mark the beginning of a new week of pregnancy. Yesterday I hit 7 weeks! That means seven weeks ago I had my retrieval for IVF. I can't believe how fast this time has gone by. I'll be honest, I'm that girl who wakes up every morning and thinks, "Oh, 7w1d today!" That's okay, I could be doing worse things.

As for symptoms, I don't feel I have many. I know it's early, but on some forums I'm reading about girls saying how sick they are and tired at 5 weeks. Okay, I'm a little grateful that's not me! For me, I have a couple things that are different than pre pregnancy. First, I have a taste for nothing. This is pretty common this early. I can't find anything I want to eat, but my stomach will be growling and needing something. Normally, if I just find something that might sound good, it settles well. The other thing I noticed is that I get hungry sooner than normal. Yesterday I had lunch at 1pm and was literally starving by 5pm. That was really odd to me. How in the world will I have lunch at 11:25 during the school year and then not get home until 5pm? I will for sure need to do some better grocery shopping! Oh, I also have a fun case of insomnia. This actually started before the 5 week mark. I toss and turn all night long and go between the couch and the bed. Sometimes I wake up at 3am and I'm just wide awake. Now, if I didn't feel so lazy, I may actually be productive at those 3am wakings! Now, laziness may not be the right word, I just have no energy. If anyone in my family read this, they would literally think this was not my blog. I have never had an energy problem. I am constantly on the go. Right now, I kind of just look at the things I would like to do, and I wave to them from the couch. This is no way to look like Heidi Klum after the baby comes. Oh well, I have until April anyway.

I feel like if I don't talk about "the bleed," then maybe it doesn't exist. But I'll bring it up to tell you that I'm going back to my acupuncturist tomorrow. I have not gone to him since my retrieval. I started going in March for several reasons. First, acupuncture is supposed to do wonders for infertility. Now, it won't get you pregnant, but it will help. So, I started going to support the infertility, and because I was totally stressed out. I mean, I seriously hit my max on stress. My only options for the stress to were to manage it or seriously start talking to a therapist. So, I found an acupuncturist in my town and decided to start there. I spilled everything out to him and he was confident he could help. I tell you, after that first appointment, I felt like a new person. I was less anxious and I felt relaxed. So, I started going regularly. Yesterday I emailed him to tell him that my IVF worked (whoo hoo), but I kinda have the SCH issue going on (which is now called a perigestational bleed per my IVF nurse). Well, good 'ole Jim thinks acupuncture can help with this. So, tomorrow I'm off to get acupuncture again. I hope to go once or twice a week to get this bleed out of here! I'll be sure to update how it goes!

Oh, and do let me know if it sounds like my list of symptoms sounds like complaining and not updating. I promised myself to never complain about pregnancy if I ever got pregnant, and I really plan to stick to that. So, if I ever get out of line, feel free to let me know:)


Christina said...

You're doing good so far! However when you start getting exhausted you should just say,"OMG I am so excited because I cannot even pick my head up long enough to grade one paper!! It's so great being able to feel pregnant, ba da bop ba da....I'm lovin' it! zzzzzz............" hee hee hee!!!! <3 you!

BBColt78 said...

Mmmmmm McDonald's!!!!!!