August 16, 2010

Let's Talk About "Trouble"

So, I've talked about Heather before. She's my BFF from the TWW website. Yes, we've talked about finding internet friends before. If you don't have a friend in real life that you met online, then you are really missing out. I know it sounds creepy, but if women can find husbands on dating sites, why can't you find yourself some new friends on websites? All of my online friends are from TTC and pregnancy sites. I'm sure you are not surprised by that. Anyway- Heather and I decided that this little baby needed a name. Lots of people have cute names for their teeny embryos. Yes, I am aware that women normally do this with their husbands, but Mr. Later Than Most wasn't around for the texting. So, I decided that this LO was going to be named Trouble. Now, I know that sounds a little negative, but I think it's cute. . . especially after the whole bleeding crap that's been going on. It's so not the LO's fault at all, but I kinda like Trouble. Plus, Mr. Later Than Most is kinda trouble himself. ;)

Now for a real update! Today I had another u/s. This is u/s three in one week. Mind you, this is the ONE benefit of being an infertility patient. It is the only thing we get to brag about to those lucky preggers who get KU on the first try. In fact, on my message boards you'll hear girls say, "ZOMG, how am I going to wait until my 10th week for my first ultrasound?" Then, us infertility bitches come in with guns blazing, "Yeah, that must be hard. I've already had 5 ultrasounds and I'm only 7 weeks along!" ZING!!!! Again, this is all we have on them. And really, we don't do that, but it's better than their "How long did it take you get to preggo?" post that they love!

As I was saying, I went for an ultrasound today. My regular tech was there so I was e
xcited to see her. Now, because I have an issue, I watch the tech like a hawk. If she doesn't speak within 60 seconds of moving the "magic wand" around, I'm ready to have a panic attack. Luckily, my experienced tech knows better. :) So, right away she tells me she sees the "peanut" and that the little heart is just beating away. She points the screen to me and is showing me how "great" everything looks. She obviously doesn't know what a Google whore I am, because right away I ask, "Do you see any bleeds?" She admits that she does, but she wants to focus on the baby first. Hmmmm, I know that trick. I do it at parent teacher conferences: good news first, not so good news second.

So after she tries desperately to use th
e 3-D machine to take a picture (omg, Trouble looked like a blob!), she points out the bleed. YEA, the bleed that was NOT there on Thursday. Damnit! She told me not to worry. It's a subchorionic bleed, which is common. Now I don't know what you consider common, but online it says like 5% of pregnancies. You know, since I'm already in that small infertility percent, I was kinda hoping I wouldn't be so "lucky" again. After my research I found that there is no explaination for SCH bleeds. It could be from implantation or not. Either way, the options are 1. it bleeds itself out 2. the body absorbs it 3. it causes some trouble. In worst case scenerio, it can cause miscarriage. Dr. Google says 1-3% miscarriage rate. So, that's where I'm at. I will go back to the RE on Monday for another scan, and I will also see my OB on that day. Scary stuff.

Right now I'm just relaxing. They told me over and over that I must take it easy. So, I'm doing just that. I'll stay on bedrest until Tuesday night. It's 72 hours for each bleed, and I had a teeny tiny bit on Saturday, so I'm counting that. Tomorrow my
blood work will be in, so I'll talk to my IVF nurse and see what she says. Online I read that baby aspirin and progesterone can help rid bleeds, and I'm already on both. When you get bored, Google progesterone for my week of pregnancy. I'm off the charts at 107 at my last reading. That high of a number is normal found in the second trimester, so at least I have that going for me.

So, continue sending your thoughts and prayers. I'll take every one. For your viewing pleasure, I have two pictures of Trouble. I got smart and I put them on the light of my computer screen when taking a photo of them :) So, this is Trouble at 6w5d:

Trouble seems to be flying! It's the yolk sac:) The second u/s is the 3-D one

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