August 3, 2010

Each Day Gets Easier

Today I have not had a visit from the IF Devil. I'm so excited that I have been able to relax without worrying. Sometimes I'm too relaxed and I have to put myself into place. For instance, I may have scoped out some baby books on Amazon. First of all, I can justify any purchase, but this Amazon browsing is okay to me. :)

On my regular forum I post on, I made the jump from the Trouble Trying to Conceive board, to the April 2011 Moms board. I truly would have preferred to stay on TTTC for a while longer, but it is board etiquette for someone with positive betas to not stay a regular poster. They have a TTTC Graduates check-in once a week, and once in a while I will help answer some IVF questions. Otherwise, it looks like the April 2011 board will be my new home. It's a weird jump to make, but that's probably where I fit better.

As for real life (besides the Internet), I'm just enjoying my two days off from classes and I'm waiting for that August 9th ultrasound.

Life is good.


Christina said...

August 9th is also my lap, so I'd love to say I was thinking of you, but I am fairly certain, I won't be doing a lot of thinking!!! Can't wait to see the pics!!! XOXO

BBColt78 said...

Thanks love! I'll be thinking about you!
Oh, and I'll be in my classroom that morning for the first time. . . YIKES!