November 30, 2013

LIfe is Good! Graduation

As of Wednesday, I'm a graduate! I've officially been released from my RE and with all fabulous news! As of my appointment, I was 7w6d. Here are the deets:

HCG- 284,596
Progesterone- 92.6
Estrogen- 1141

The baby measured 8w0d. The little heart was beat, beat, beating away at 157 bpm and the final news. . . My SCH is gone! Whoo hoo!

I'm scheduled to see my OB on December 12. I'm going back to the same OB I had with my first pregnancy. I loveee him. What a great practice. They gave me all kinds of extra attention and scans from having an IVF pregnancy. I'm thrilled to go back to his office.

As for the shots and drugs. . . I'm to stay on My two Estrace (twice a day) until December 11, then I will decrease to one pill twice a day until January 5. I will stay on two shots of progesterone a day until December 25, then I will take one a day until January 8. I will also stay on the baby aspirin until January 8.

Here is that cutie on the day before Thanksgiving:

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