December 4, 2013

Everyone is Annoying Me Today

Holy Crap. The patience are running low around here. Does this have to do with pregnancy, or am I just a bigger bitch than I thought? Don't answer that! I'm scared to know the truth. As I've mentioned, this pregnancy is much different than the last, so I know I wasn't too bitchy in the last one, maybe that's a fun symptom of this one? Examples-

Mr. LTM- Total throat-punch. I've been working hard on getting ideas for our holiday card, picking out a template, and finding B's outfit. Today he says he doesn't like it. Well, fuck, all that time and back to square one! I'm thinking of ditching the holiday card just to prove a point. Point being: You don't do work for the card, the card doesn't go out.

Friend at Work: She never gets to me, but today I found the cool resource and shared it with her. Her response, "I showed you last year." Oh sorry, I don't even know what I wore to work today let alone a conversation we had last year.

My Sister- I clearly tell her at 7:30pm when she calls that I'm doing school work and haven't eaten dinner. She proceeds to brainstorm holiday gift ideas. OMG- I'm busy!!!!!!

Wow, venting all of that and I don't even feel better! I feel like I want to hurt everyone.

I need a bagel.

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