November 1, 2013

Wow That Beta...

Before we go back to the good stuff, I have to confess. I did POAS the night before my beta. I was so nervous that I could barely hold the stick in the pee. I probably had some symptoms, but I really tried to ignore them. Around Tuesday I was getting out of breath just getting ready in the morning. I had to stop and rest. I noticed my heart-rate was up. Also, the food bloat makes me look about 16 weeks pregnant every time I eat. I don't really EVER get bloated when I eat, so I thought that was weird. Lastly, those cramps last week were rather interesting. I was so worried I wouldn't get them!

So around 9pm on Wednesday night I decided to just test. I figured I would sleep better either way. I had trouble sleeping on Tuesday night because I was thinking about Thursday's blood test. So at 9pm I told Mr. LTM I was taking a shower. I had already hid my sticks and the cup. I went into the bathroom and let the water run. I tore the stick open fast and then hesitated. The positivity was stronger than the negativity, but the Infertility Devil was really screwing with me. After using the test, I put it on the counter and stared at it. The whole thing turned pink and the control line came up nice and dark, but not a hint of a test line. I began to panic and thought, "Holy shit. I can't believe it's negative." Staring at it for a few more seconds I could see a faint line starting to show. I was so relieved. Within five minutes the test line was nice and dark and I breathed a sign of relief.

I immediately texted a bunch of people! I'm so bad! Here's the short list:

Heather- Yes she was my texting buddy when I POAS with my first IVF.

Christina- Another TWW buddy. She really thought this was going to work and I appreciated the positive thoughts.

S- Sent her a text to ask if she was up first. Her response, "Did you test???" LOL

Amanda- Remember Amanda? We tried to hang ourselves with phone charger during a bachlorette party. We were done with infertility. Amanda is doing a frozen cycle right now with my doctor. She's about 3 weeks behind me in the process.

So see, this is not that large of a list. But then I may have proceeded to post my positive test on my private FaceBook group page to 85 of my closest internet friends. So if you add these up, about 90 people knew before I told Mr. LTM. Ooops!

I thought about telling him in a creative way, but I couldn't think of anything. I told him the next morning before my appointment. He normally stays cautious until the ultrasound.

As I posted yesterday, my beta is 504 at 16 days past ovulation, or 10 days past a six day transfer. That's a high number. They do say higher numbers don't indicate twins, but I'm nervous!

My next blood test is on Monday. Positive thoughts are always welcomed!

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Katib77 said...

Congrats! That is a high beta!! Wow.