November 24, 2013


I haven't exactly graduated from the RE yet. Thursday was to be my last day, but Thursday night I had some spotting, so I'm staying another week. I have a feeling the spotting is from the damn ultrasound or the fricken SCH that I have. I'll be heading back to the RE this Wednesday to check on that SCH and see how things are going. The IVF nurse did tell me on Thursday to call my OB and get schedule for an appointment in the next two weeks.

Thursday's bloodwork is back:

HCG level 192,698 (37dpo)
Progesterone 74
Estrogen 903

So back to the gagging. It's still happening. I've dry-heaved a couple of times, which is totally grossing Mr. Later Than Most out. I took matters into my hands and bought some mints yesterday and ordered those damn Preggie Drops I used to make fun of. I cannot go all day gagging all the time. New this pregnancy is the food aversions. I did not have this with B. We ordered a pizza the other night and I couldn't be in the same room as it after I ate one tiny corner. I ended up eating Ramen Noodles. Order my fav chicken salad from Peapod, nope, can't eat that. $6 down the drain. Today I've eaten Chinese food twice (from the same order). I hate food aversions!!!! I normally eat rather healthy and I'm currently living on carbs. This cannot go on forever, right? :)

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