November 25, 2013

My Day

5:30am- Wake up and go pee. No blood! Yay. Start brushing teeth. . . Um, I need to barf.

5:35- Dry heaving and nothing comes up because duh, I haven't eaten since 8:00pm last night.

5:45- Eat a peppermint and life is good. Cereal to come later.

8:05- I'm now at work. Ugh, there's that feeling again. I gag all the way to my closet and eat more peppermints.

9:33- Right in the middle of large group reading instruction. "Um, Caleb, can you please pass your teacher one of those mints? Thanks hon. Just trust me on this one."

10:05- On my way to the copy room while eating Saltines. I get an evil eye from the secretary. One that says, "I know what you've got going on."

10:07- Said secretary chases me down. "OMG! I had the craziest dream about you last night! You had a brand new baby BOY! You named him Chase and Miss B was sooooo happy!"

Me: OMG! That's crazy! You need a day off from work if you are dreaming about me!

4:07pm- That was a great afternoon! No gagging!

4:08- Oh crap, there it is again. Where is that fucking trail mix?

4:20- Driving home with Brooklyn and I kid you not. . "Um mom? Are you eating again?" She is so on to me.

Night is going great!

6:02- Gagging and Mr. Later Than Most is looking at me with disgust (not really, but makes a good story).

7:10- My Amazon box came! I'm now wearing Sea Bands and eating Preggie Drops. This night just got better!

Another fun day! LOL

*When reading, please know that I am in no way complaining about pregnancy whatsoever. I'm very happy and lucky to have any symptom I can get. My blog is to entertain though :)


Heather said...

I find it your expense. Hope you feel better soon!

BBColt78 said...

Hahahaha! Thanks Heather!