November 6, 2013

Leading Details

I have been so busy, that I've neglected my blog with BFP details. I've also neglected laundry and two sinks full of dishes too. :)

I waited most of Monday for my second beta call. I'm so nervous and cautious, but I'm trying to stay positive.

I had the numbers all figured out. I knew that with a beta of around 500 on Thursday, I would hope for it to be around 1000 on Saturday and then 2000 on Monday. Though I didn't have blood drawn on Saturday, I needed that anchor day to help me figure out my numbers. So, 2000 it was.

When the nurse called she didn't tell me the number right away and I began to get nervous. When she finally cut to the chase, she told me it was 4,577. I thought, "GREAT! The 2,000 doubled! I'm in great shape." I went on teaching the rest of the day. After school I noticed I had three text messages: one from Heather, one from Christina, and one from S. All of them said the same thing, "Where are you and did you get that beta number?" Yea, yea I got it. I sent them the number and they kept responding the same way. Things like, "Oh wow" and "Holy Shit" were mentioned. I kept wondering why I keep friends around that are such alarmists. Big deal, it doubled like it should!

On my drive home I'm doing some thinking. The cars are going past me as I day dream about my beta call. H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T. I was hoping the nurse told me my number WAS 2000! For some reason that two thousand stuck in my head and when the 4,000+ beta came back, I thought it was spot on and the original 2,000 beta doubled. But 2,000 was the number I was hoping for and she told me it was over 4,000. WHAT?

So I got home and did what any girl would do. I jumped on the Beta Base website and found my doubling time. It's 30.5 hours. Here's the info for your viewing pleasure:

Here is the average doubling time for my beta in single pregnancies. My range is the last line:

Here is the doubling time for twins. My range is last line:

And scare me half to death, here is the triplet times. Mine is the last line:

Sooooo, what does all of this mean? Well it means I'm a creepy BetaBase stalker for one. I don't know what it means!

So a regular ultrasound is normally schedule at 5weeks5days for my RE office. At that ultrasound they rule out ectopic pregnancy. I told the nurse I wanted to come in a little later than that because it's not likely to see a heartbeat then. I schedule my appointment for 6weeks0days, Thursday, November 14. She did say that I should not expect to see anything then either.

Mr. Later Than Most is not coming to this appointment. The other day he said, "I wish we were normal. I wish you could come home one day and just say, 'I'm pregnant!'" I told him that I totally understood that and I thought about it, but it just seemed forced. So, he is not going to the ultrasound so I can hopefully surprise him with details! Don't worry, I didn't show him the beta info. Less information is more!

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