November 2, 2013

Looking for Symptoms

When I was pregnant with B, I pretty much had so symptoms. My back was killing me from about week 6 to week 8. Then for two weeks the word "Panera" or the sight of my dog's bed both made me gag. I honestly wouldn't have really believed I was pregnant if it weren't for all of those ultrasounds.

I know it's early, but same thing this time round. I had those cramps last week and that is it. Life is running as normal and once in a while I think, "Holy crap! I forgot my FET worked." Things are so different the second time round.

I hate waiting all of these days for another beta. I only have one pee stick left so I'm trying not to waste it. I've already used two since Wednesday. Maybe I should run to the Dollar Store tomorrow and just stock up. I can't see those lines enough!

My blog had 148 views yesterday. 148! I think my same few friends must have read it about 25 times each. They were hoping I'd post some details. Until the symptoms kick in, I'm waiting around for my beta on Monday!

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