November 18, 2013

Ultrasound Complete!

I've been so busy with school and conferences, that it's truly taken me days to update. One update you may be wanting to know is if that morning sickness I've had is fake or not (see previous post). I'm sorry to say that it is in fact real. BARF!!! I never ever had morning sickness with Brooklyn, so this is new to me. I have not thrown up once, but I gag and feel sick all day long. I've tried eating here and there, but nothing even sounds good. Gagging is so gross. I'm really trying not to complain!

On Thursday I went for bloodwork and an ultrasound. That would be equal to 30dpo, or 24dp6dt. My HCG level was 78,399. Another huge beta. My ultrasound on Thursday though did show one, healthy baby with a heartbeat of 115bpm!

I'm going to be honest here, I was totally expecting twins! Heather was the only person to think it was one baby. I got used to the idea and was even picking out my new City Select. Ok, I wasn't really doing that, but I really was used to the idea. I'm not going to lie, I'm not ruling it out until my ultrasound this Thursday. I just feel like crap all the time, so I'm thinking there is another babe hiding somewhere.

Here is my ultrasound from 6w0d:

My next ultrasound is Thursday the 21st. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything looks well. If so, I should be released to a regular OB.

As I mentioned, I have myself convinced that I have kicked my Infertility Devil's ass. Because of this, I have put a ticker at the top of my page. :)

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