June 28, 2010

That Darned Conceive Article

One of the best parts of going to the RE's office is that they free magazines in for patients. I love grabbing my free copy of Conceive (which is normally like six bucks) and sometimes they even have Parent magazine. I like skimming that one while I wait for my appointment.

A couple of days ago I curled up with my free Conceive ($26,000 IVF - $6 Conceive= $25, 994) I wasn't too impressed with most of the articles. Well, that's because I've read like every fertility book there is. Although, one specific article caught my eye. This article referred to a research study on IVF. The article talked about a new technique done at the University of Michigan. In these labs, the embryologists rocked mouse embryos before they were transferred for, well, mouse IVF. They ROCKED the embryos! I can picture it: A lean gentleman with a white coat. Of course he is wearing glasses and has some sort of "official" badge hanging from his neck. I see him sitting in front of a microscope. He's looki
ng through the lens and watching some sort of movement from the egg and sperm of teeny little mice, I dunno. Then he picks up the petri dish, stands up, and begins to rock them back and fourth. But, their mouse IVF rate was 20% higher in those embryos that are rocked.

Now, this is intriguing. I know I just can't go into my RE and ask for my embryos to be rocked, but instead I went onto ITunes today and bought a couple of lullaby songs. I figured that I will listen to them after my transfer. I know it sounds crazy and I'm probably just a little bit nuts, but why not? I have nothing to lose!


Babatte said...

Not crazy, lullabys are soothing also. It couldn't hurt. I ate a jar of babyfood once during the tww to encourage implantation! lol!

Christina said...

You guys are funny! Maybe you should sit in some kind of rocking chair melissa and gently rock back and forth while listening to the lullabies! It's sure to work!!!!! Oh, and then eat baby food for dinner! YES!!!