June 25, 2010

A Shout-Out for Christina

The Internet is one of my favorite things. I used to go on the Internet for shopping and just looking up info, but when I started TTC, I found the TWW website. It's a site where a bunch of girls come together and talk about trying to conceive and pregnancy. I found the site when I was in my first two week wait. Like most crazy ttcers, I was stalking my symptoms online and I came across the site. I instantly blinged a profile out and started posting.

Next month, I'll have been posting on that site for two years. Though I'm still without a
friggen baby, I have made some close friends. Now, it sounds weird to make friends on the internet, but come on, it's 2010. Yes, I have plenty of friends IRL. I don't need "Internet" friends, but there is something about bonding with girls who are in your situation. You begin to depend on them for support. I actually think Mr. Later Than Most loves these girls too because they get the brunt of my frustrations, anger, sadness and hope when it exists.

So, today I'm shouting-out to Christina. She's the sweetest, most lovable and supportive girl. She's been on
TWW for about as long as I have. She's enduring the frustrations of TTC and actually telling about it. Month's ago Christina blogged about TLC and how they were looking for stories about TTC. Actually, it had been a TWW joke for a long time. You'd see blog titles with "Hey TLC, Where is a TTC Story?" Finally, TLC was going to try it. Christina was accepted for the part, and I'm proud of her for telling her infertility story to the world. She represents all of us girls who struggle with infertility. She lets others know, that though you may feel alone, you really are not.

You can follow Christina's story on www.tlc.com. The option to click on on
A Conception Story will pop up.

Christina, I know times have been tough girl. Just know we all care and I'm thinking about you everyday :)


The Dorsey Family said...

I couldn't agree with your post more, I just finished watching her lastest video and she definitely deserves a shout out! I love you girls and please know that I think of you all daily and pray for each and everyone of you that you get your blessing soon!

Anonymous said...

hey 'Bens mum' here from TWW.. and i just have to say that your blogs are a great insight to the world of IF. Christina and you are both strong people whom i pray for daily... Thanks s much for your blogs.. im loving them