June 20, 2010

Preparing for the Big Consult

We'll have our IVF consult on Tuesday. Two days ago I received all of my meds. FedEx said the meds would arrive before 10:30am. I got up extra early (yea at 8am) and got dressed and everything. Thank God for all of my social network sites. They kept me busy until my package arrived at 10:29am. No, this is not a lie. Later than most? I know, just a coincidence.

Unpacking those meds were fun! As one of my TWWers said, "it's like Christmas." Yea it was Kari! I unloaded them and made sure to take pictures. Who knows when those bad boys may come in handy. I envision this IF slide show at my first baby shower. Sure everyone will probably think I'm creepy, but whatever. I'm such an organizer: I even ran out to WalMart to buy a plastic container for all of those meds.

Today was prep event #2 for the IVF consult. I had to read through all of the legal documents. Then, I had to get MH to read through them. This I was a little nervous about. Why? First, I always need something to worry about. It's a flaw. So, I worried about showing him the papers. Actually, it all went really well. We agreed on most things, some things we need clarified. Because of all of my neurotic web searching and book reading on IF, I obviously know a little more than him. So explaining it all was difficult. Sometimes I have the words and ideas in my head, but it just doesn't come out right. For the love of God, I can teach kids almost any concept, but trying to tell my husband something can be challenging. Long story short, we went over everything and I feel rather prepped for Tuesday. Is it Tuesday yet?

Anywho- In an effort to be over-prepared (so I can go to consult and just nod my head), I tried to watch the CD that Walgreens so generously sent with the meds. Once they started talking about the angle of the needs I got the heck out of there. I'll blame it on Walgreens. They only sent a PC compatible disc and I'm a Mac girl. I just felt so uncomfortable with those two mouse buttons that I had to ditch the disc and go check Facebook on my beloved Mac. I'm not at all scared of needles, but really? Angles? Vom.

Yup, I think that covers consult prep.

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