June 20, 2010

Later Than Most- Let's Begin! My First Blog

It really didn't take me too long to create the blog title. I tried to come up with something that really was a reflection of me. Yea, it sounds a little negative, but it's not really like that. So far, I've just noticed that it seems to take me a little longer to get things in life. Weird? Maybe. But I'm thinking of the facts:

I couldn't read at grade level or tie my shoes until around 5th grade. Now, that makes me sound a little stupid, but don't mind if I do say I'm smart now (shout-out to my elementary teachers).

Let's see, I didn't join sports until high school. Could that be related to my shoe tying struggles?

I started college two years later than those my age.

Hmmmm, this only counts because I say it does. . . but I didn't get married until 29. Now I know that's normal, but my I met Mr. Later Than Most when I was 19. So, ten years is a while.

The big time fact of making this "Later Than Most" is this whole crazy, whacked-out journey that we call TTC. Here I am, almost two years later in the journey and about to start IVF. Two years isn't really that long compared to other stories I can find on the web, but IRL, it's later than most. And I promise you, IVF does not exist in my circle of friends. Actually, neither does IF.

So, hence the title. I can't promise the most exciting blog, but I can promise real thoughts, emotions, and struggles for at least this IVF journey. If you haven't closed this blog yet, you'll probably enjoy the ride.

Quickly I should add my two reasons for starting this blog:

1. (Yes I just numbered them) It's a lonely journey. We have not told friends or family about our IVF journey. So, I think I'll need this as an outlet.

2. If there is anyone out there who is considering IVF or about to start, and they are going through it alone, I want them to be able to read a real account of the crazy journey. I'll give all the dets (I like to abbreviate words. Dets is "details").

Annnnnnnnd, done.


Anonymous said...

Hey its Bens mum from TWW.. totally loved your blog. it will touch home with so many people and open up the eyes of many others.

Nicole said...

Hi this is neferua from TWW. I like your blog. To me it's refreshing. It's very realistic and I like your attitude about things. I look forward to following your IVF journey here, as it can be a pain logging into TWW.

BBColt78 said...

Thanks girls! You are the best!