June 24, 2010

Paris Theme. . . It's more than a Template

Warning- this is long!

I do like Paris. In fact, I went with my husband (before he was my husband) and his family in 2005. We did this whole European trip. We went to London, then took a ferry to France, and finally a train to Rome. It was a great time, and I think my husband and I found out a lot about each other. Also, it was romantic and just plain fun.

Modern day, March 2010. TTC was kicking my ass. Kinda depressed. Crying way too much. Almost just losing myself. In fact, I noticed I was literally avoiding people because I was worried they would tell me they were pregnant. I don't think I saw my BFF for 6 months, and she doesn't even want kids. Well, she doesn't think she does and that was just too risky for me, so I avoided her too. Luckily, I noticed this.

One day, I called my mom and told her I needed a vaca. My mom and I have always been travel buddies. She's divorced, and my other sisters never have the time or the money to go with her. So, I told her I wanted to go to Florida and just chill on the beach. I knew I could count on her! She agreed and it turned into a Florida road trip! We dragged my 13 year old nephew along and hit Disney World, which is my favorite place in the United States. On one of our Disney excursions, we went to Epcot. It's not my favorite park, but I wanted my nephew to see it. Epcot is really the cause of the Eiffel tower on the this blog.

So at Epcot they have many "countries" for you to visit. Being a shopper, I tried to buy something from each country. I got some chopsticks in Japan (love that sushi), tea in England, and many more things. While shopping in "Paris", I got distracted by some photo postcards. They were brightly colored. . . just adorable! They were about 8x10 cute as can be. Now, please know that I'm bad at estimation, so they are either half that size or double it! Anyway- they had nursery themes on them and they were written in French. Well, quickly my memories of visiting Paris came back to me. I loved those days with my husband. So, right there is Disney, I committed the ultimate TTC crime: purchasing for baby before you have baby! Now let's be hone
st. . . I had bought What to Expect When You are Expecting and subscribed to Fit Pregnancy when we first started trying in 2008. I'm very much the planner type and, well, I was young. Since then, I haven't bought anything for my nonexistent baby except hundreds of dollars in ovulation kits, pregnancy tests, fertility books, and the Clear Blue Monitor. Sooooo, here I was at Disney, loving these postcards. I knew I would never find them again, and they were only $2.50 each. What if I got my BFP and never had them? All of a sudden, I wanted a Paris themed baby nursery so bad, but I just didn't have a baby! I caved and bought the postcards. I just had to.

When I came back from Disney, I secretly hid the postcards on top of our book self in the bedroom. About four weeks later, we had our first RE appointment. From there we knew we would use fertility treatments and we were fine with that. At least we had some hope of getting our baby.

Well, about 4 weeks ago I was shopping in Target (again). I cannot get out of that place without dropping a hunny (I think that means $100 in rap songs)! Anyway, I was cruising the paintings and pictures and something adorable caught my eye. Could this be? A childlike painting of the Eiffel Tower that matched my Paris postcards? Fuckity fuck (Juno refrence)! They had the picture in green or blue. I knew that either option would work because my husba
nd and I decided that someday, we would be on Team Green. But which color matched the postcards? It was on sale for only $20, and I knew I would someday get a baby through Assisted Reproductive Technology. I needed this painting, but I didn't know which color matched the postcards better. I was desperate for this picture and in a moment of insanity, I called Mr. Later Than Most.

Me: Hi Babe! Listen, I'm at Target and I want to buy something, but I don't know which color I need. Can you go on the top of the book shelf and tell me the dominate color of the postcards in the Disney bag?

Mr. Later: Um, alright. What are they?

Me: Postcards. Look, you can't ask me any questions about them. Just tell me the color.

Well, you and I both know how this went. He figured out what they were, and I had to confess about my imaginary baby nursery idea. I thought I was in trouble but something weird happened. My husband wasn't annoyed at me shopping for a baby we STILL don't have. He was disappointed that I made a nursery decision without him! Awwwwwwww! So, I did what any loving and baby crazy wife would do. I texted him pictures of the Eiffel Tower paintings and let him choose if he wanted the blue or the green. He chose the blue. :)

The background of this blog is a template from Blogger. To me, it truly represents our journey and trouble trying to conceive. Lately, it represents a slight bit of hope we both have.

Here is a picture of the postcards and the painting. Someday I hope to post a picture of them in a nursery.

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Christina said...

Melissa, you are hillareous and I love this! I cannot wait to see them in a nursery- which I know will be very very soon! (because I'm psychic)