June 22, 2010

IVF Consult. . .Check!

Well, another appointment down. The good news is that this one went great! IVF consult is where you really get to "learn" everything. There is a lot, and I was so glad Mr. Later Than Most was there to learn it all with me. Nothing was too surprising. We agreed to IVF with ICSI. Because of our male factor fertility, ICSI will go ahead and just put the sperm right into the egg. Thank you Science discoveries! We also agreed to assisted hatching. The Embryologist will put a cut in the egg to help it shed its shell if need be. Of course they tell you the risk of Higher Order Multiples (HOM). When she mentioned it, I told her I call it Buy One Get One Free. MH giggled, the nurse didn't but I really think she enjoyed it. One thing that was a little interesting, they suggested 2-3 embryos to transfer. Um, come again? Three embryos? Holy shit. I quickly explained the potential of six babies (I know it's rare. But I can't go from zero babies to six) to MH. Although we are all about the Buy One Get One Free possibility, we agreed to just transfer two embryos.

After the lengthy paper work signing (I should have bought a cute gel pen for all of that), the nurse went through and explained all of the injections and how to do them. MH was great! He understood everything and is ready to mix this with that. So, tomorrow I'll start Lupron injections in the morning. We'll do that for five days and then I will stop my birth control pills. You gotta love how they put you on BC to get pregnant! I'll then wait for my period (hopefully the last friggen one), and then I'll go back in for blood and ultrasound. If all is well, hello to Menopur and Follistim injections. The nurse taught Mr. Later Than Most how to mix them together. Thank goodness for that! I wasn't really down with the Lupron, Menopur, and Follistim injections all in one day! Now, two needles instead of three! BTW- I'm not too scared of needles, and I'll be really, really nice to MH since he will be in charge of the injections. We finally finished injection training and we talked about progesterone suppositories. When she began to demonstrate the vag stick, I turned to MH and said, "If you don't mind, I'll do these on my own." Hehehehehe. The nurse laughed very loudly for about one entire minute. SCORE!

So, tomorrow starts the Lupron injections! Let's get this show on the road!


Nicole said...

You know Melissa, I have to give it to you and any other woman that goes through this process. I read your blog on TWW about all of the medicines that your received and what all you have to take and I was blown away!!! I still am, lol. But I'm happy that you're on your way to having that beautiful BFP and then having that baby(or babies) in your arms. Oh and I just love your saying about Baby Bi-Polar!!! Oh and I think you have a lovely personality and you seem very positive about going into all of this!!

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Nicole! You are the best! I get more motivation from comments like yours :)
I love my TWW girls!