December 26, 2013

12 weeks and NT Tomorrow

Ok the time is finally starting to pick up and move now. Let's get some updates:

First, all morning sickness is gone and doesn't show it's face ever. Now I can wake up and not eat for a few hours and still feel ok.  This is good. I pretty much go all of my energy back but today, not so much. I didn't want to move from my couch. I did, but didn't want to. I'm waiting for Miss B to ask me why I'm so lazy. Food wise, I still can only eat what sounds good or I won't eat at all. Don't worry, I'm not starving myself, I'm just eating a ton of carbs!

We have finally told our families as of Christmas morning. I cannot tell people in person, it makes me very anxious. Luckily Mr. LTM is understanding and was good with me sending a picture text to our families. It was the 10 week ultrasound in a box with a gift tag that stated our due date. The caption on the text said, "Santa came! Look what we got!" Now I can stop wearing big sweaters around family.

When I was pregnant with Miss B, I worried A LOT. Like too much. I always told myself that I worried that pregnancy away. When I was about 13 weeks I bought a home fetal doppler so I could hear her heartbeat and know that everything was ok. For weeks I actually heard my own heartbeat and thought it was hers, but hey, it made me feel better. Well, I busted that thing out this week. The first day I couldn't find the baby's but found mine. Day two I found the baby's heartbeat in less than three minutes. There is no mistaking that fast beat. The next day I found it again right away. That brings us to me trying today and I couldn't find it! I was so lucky the past two days! It's very, very tricky to find, so I expect to actually not find it when I try.

Tomorrow is my NT scan. I'm excited to see the LO on the ultrasound. Mr. LTM is not coming again. He is so busy at work. It would take him 35 minutes to get there and then another 35 to get back. Plus add in the appointment time. Plus, we all know that offices run late rather often, that would take even longer. It's funny, the first time around I would have said, "Get your ass to this appointment or you will never see your baby." Now I'm all, "Ok have a good day and see you after!" LOL

One final update. . . we still have not decided if we want to know the sex of the baby or not. We are totally on the fence. We loved the experience we had the first time around. We are wondering if we should find out so we can experience it both ways. I think neither of us really want to but we are convincing ourselves that we may need to. Mr. LTM had one reason he wants to find out, he hates hearing peoples dumb responses to why they HAD to find out. I agree with that one! My fav is, "We had to find out, I'm such a planner!" Wow- those people don't know me! My real reason for not wanting to find out is I can't trust myself with buying to much if I knew the sex. I shop way too much. I won't even get started on the fact that I bought myself a City Versa about two weeks ago already. I'm so excited though!

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