December 22, 2013

Updates and Some Bump Pics :)

Tis the season to be merry! I've let my blog slide since there hasn't been too much news.

Let's see. All is good on my end. I still have the IF Devil haunting me a bit for no apparent reason. We haven't really told people about our pregnancy yet, so I think that is part of the problem. Because others don't know, I get worried right before I tell them. I'm literally ridiculous. I will have my 5th ultrasound this week at my NT scan, which is scheduled for Friday.

MR. LTM and I have not chatted about if we will be Team Green again or not. My doctor told me I better figure it out by this Friday! There is just so much going on! Part of me wants to find out so we know what it's like to know most of the pregnancy. The other part of me wants to be Team Green again because the surprise at birth was just so much fun. Either way, we need to make a decision!

My morning sickness is totally gone! YAY! I didn't have it too rough, that's for sure. I mean, I didn't throw-up once, so to me that means life is good. I have a lot more of my energy back which is allowing me to get ready for the holidays! And by get ready I mean sitting on my couch and ordering from Amazon :) Actually, Miss B and I cleaned her toy room today and got rid of some toys. The two of us will be wrapping some gifts today.

As for Miss B. She cracks us up. She's still in her crib, but has been asking to nap in a sleeping bag in her room. Hahahaha! Also, we haven't told her about the new addition yet. We are waiting a few more months so the wait is not so long for her.

Though this little one is very tiny, I'm very sure I felt a tiny, tiny flutter today. There is no-mistaking that feeling!

As promised, here are some bump pics which is really bloat I'm sure.



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Katib77 said...

Aw, look at you with rockin your little bump!