December 12, 2013

First OB Appointment and Some Infertility Shit

Oy! My first OB appointment was great! I'm seeing the same OB that I used with Miss B. I love this guy. If you remember I've mentioned that he treats infertility patients with extra-special care and doesn't throw you into the masses. Also, IVF patients are treated as high-risk, so 3-4 visits to the MFM is very normal. I'm already off to the MFM in three weeks!

I was a nervous wreck (yet again). When the nurse rolled in the ultrasound machine I was in a panic. My IF Devil came back and was haunting me. Luckily, the ultrasound showed the cutest little gummy baby, measuring a week ahead (WTF!). The RE ended up changing my due date to July 9 instead of the July 10 date from the transfer. I'm not sure what to think. The OB today said the 9th was what he was sticking to. I already have the 10th in my mind though. I know, I know, what difference does a day make? It's just that little ticker would change a little faster lol. So, glowing reviews from the OB. I go back to see him in 3 weeks and the MFM in 3 weeks as well. Saturday morning I'll be getting a few blood tests drawn. After today's visit, everything feels "official."

+++This part may get boring. . .continue only if you are nursing a child or are very bored! Just more infertility mind games.

Now, infertility shit. Well, we just finished open-enrollment for insurance. If you remember long ago, MR. LTM and I were very lucky to fall into infertility insurance. It was literally unreal how it happened. Mr. LTM was hired full-time at a company in the summer of 2009. He had been a contractor at the company and they decided to keep him. Well in March of 2010 that company was bought-out by a very large telecom company. At this point, Mr. LTM and I had been trying for over two years to get pregnant. I was literally at rock-bottom. Mr. LTM was using a "I don't want kids" mechanism to protect himself and things were shitty. Well, that new company had great infertility benefits and we were quickly referred by my OB to an amazing RE. I was pregnant by The end of July.

Open-enrollment just came again. Because we no longer need infertility coverage, I dropped myself off of Mr. LTM's insurance because mine is decent. The deadline came and that was my final decision. . . no more infertility coverage. Well, days after I received a letter saying that the company was changing it's infertility coverage. New patients would only get $10,000 in coverage. Those who were on the old program would be "grandfathered" in. Meaning those people (me included) would receive three life-time cycles of treatments. I nearly fainted when the letter came. I dropped myself off the insurance and now if I ever needed it again, I'm already over the $10,000. I know I don't need that insurance, but the IF Devil kept telling me that something bad was going to happen and then I could never get another cycle covered. STRESS. Enter today. . . a letter comes from Mr. LTM's company saying, "You may change your medical plan until December 20." Hooooooooly crap! Yahoo. Though it's the IF Devil haunting me, I was able to change my coverage. Now I feel better. And double-insurance will be great for the delivery. I remember that from my first experience!

Thanks for holding out and reading. Here is your treat. . . My 10w ultrasound:

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