December 5, 2013

Ok- I'm Calm

Sorry for scaring you in yesterday's post! I was ready to throat-punch anyone who messed with me. Today I had a decaf latte from Starbucks and I feel much better. Yes, I don't drink caffeine while pregnant, but I'm waiting until 13 weeks to have my sushi.

Let's talking about almost puking. Well last week my nausea went away at like 7w6d. It was gone. I was a little scared but thinking, "Wow, I got lucky!" Days and days went by with no nausea. Then three days ago it came back out of no where. I was literally teaching a lesson this afternoon and was dry heaving with my back to the class. It's actually hysterical if you think about it. My mint consumption is through the roof. I'm getting side-eyed by a few 8 year-olds. The rest won't even realize a difference when my stomach is hitting their chairs as I walk by.

I'm still carrying a major bloat bump. It's unreal. I'm assuming the damn injections can do that. I look like 13 weeks pregnant. I'm so glad that I have two more week of work before holiday break. I'll be sporting maternity clothes when I return. My skinny jeans won't button. . . at all.

Ticker change Thursday. . . 9 weeks today!

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