December 30, 2013

My NT Was Annoying

First, I'll start by saying the baby was adorable. It was pretty much sleeping the entire time. Then when it awoke, it gave a very big stretch and was rolling all over, making he tech's job rather difficult. She was kind of a bitch anyway. . . feel free to read on!

The NT was at my MFM office. I was there about 4 times when I was pregnant with Miss B and I really liked the doctors and nurses. I'm for sure one of those patients who is analyzing everything during my appointment. I'm watching the nurses faces when do they anything. During ultrasounds, I memorize the numbers on the screen so I can go home and look up what they mean.

During this ultrasound, the tech had a hard time measuring the neck fold of the baby. That's the point of the NT. She me change positions and everything, but this little one was not cooperating. As she's measuring she's really not saying much. She'd say, "here's a hand" or "there's a foot" but nothing else much. I noticed that the ultrasound measurements put the baby at 12w6d when I was only 12w1d, but this keeps happening anyway. So after about 20 minutes she stops and goes, "Ok, I'll send the nurse in for blood." I asked her if I was allowed to know anything from my ultrasound (you know, because she didn't say shit). Her response, "Well, everything looks normal but that doesn't mean anything until the bloodwork comes back."

Um, excuse me? Since when does "normal" not account for anything? All I want is to go to these appointments and for them to tell me things look normal. WTF. And, she really wasn't even friendly about it. She didn't even tell me what the neck fold measured or what's normal. I was pissed.

Anyway, I watched her write up my paperwork and found her take the average for the neck fold at 2.1mm. The baby measured 67mm. I Googled because they gave me know information, and from what I can find, under 3.0 is normal, especially for a baby measuring 12w6d.

I wish I would have had a better experience. But either way, here is the cutie:

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