January 30, 2011

Staying Busy!

Well, this weekend I've really tried to stay busy with house stuff. On Friday I hung the curtains in the baby's room. The room is painted cream. The curtains are chocolate brown and I put white sheers behind them. The white sounds a little weird but the trim in the room is white, so I wanted it to match.

Today I did all of the baby's laundry! 5 loads! All sheets and clothes that I have are washed. My shower is in less than two weeks, so I'm sure I could have more to wash from there. I folded all of the clothes and put them in the fabric bins we had bought. The furniture isn't up and ready, but I've got my bins ready!

This week should include putting the trim back up in the nursery, and hopefully having Mr. Later Than Most put the furniture together. We have his family coming up soon, and I'm really hoping for it all to be ready by then. Don't worry, when it's finished, I WILL post pictures.

Other than that, my only new thing is heartburn! I have NEVER had heartburn before and it just started. No wonder people complain about it. . . it really sucks! Although, it's just a small price to pay. I'll take the heartburn!

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