January 4, 2011

Lots of Random Updates

I think I have a soccer star going on. Even with the anterior placenta I truly got kicked the entire day. Actually, I really don't know the difference between kicks and hiccups yet! Yikes, that's embarassing!

I got my glucose challenge test results and I passed. :) I'm very excited about that. I didn't pass the anemia test again, so I had some liver sausage today as part of my dinner. Totally gross, but my iron was lower this time (on supplements) than it was last time at 12 weeks. So, this little kicker/iron sucker is going to start tasting new foods. Oh, and for those who don't know me IRL, I'm allergic to spinach so that treat of iron goodness is out the window!

My shower invitations started to get received today and my sister tells me that she got the first RSVP! How exciting is that? I also have birth class this Saturday. Mr. Later Than Most and I are nesting up a storm. We have to get this Little House on the Prairie ready before this kicker is here! At least we are getting it done!

27 weeks means I have 13 to go! Last night I realized I've only read a ton of pregnancy and BF books and I've read nothing about actual child care! Whoops! That starts tonight!

My next doctor appointment is on Thursday, so I should have some updates!

Fingers crossed for my TWW BFF Heather! She is stimming away for IVF and has her second u/s tomorrow!

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heather said...

#1: LOVE the shower invites!! Can't wait for the 12th~
#2: Thanks for the finger crossing-oh and make sure Trouble is crossing too!
#3: Your the best!