January 12, 2011

28 Weeks: Photo

Well, 28 weeks! YAY!!!!!!! I've been buying a lot! LOL- It keeps me busy. Truly, other than this photo, I don't have too much to update. Oh. . . I did stalk my insurance company today to find that they will most likely cover childbirth class and a breastpump. NO silly, not the teacher insurance! They don't cover the good stuff. Mr. Later Than Most has fab insurance!

Here it is. . . up 9 pounds total. . .



heather said...

awwww look at that bump! And yay for 9 pounds! I am still calling Trouble a girl! love love the bump!

anonomity said...

Wow, that's awesome about your insurance. And your bump is adorable! :-)

I am giving you the Stylish Blogger award, because I love reading your blog. :-) Click back over to my blog to check it out!