January 18, 2011

Meetings and Such

I've realized that there is a lot of planning to do during pregnancy. Luckily, I'm a huge planner and have really enjoyed this part. At my last doctor's appointment, my OB wanted me to find a pediatrician by my 29 week appointment, which is Thursday. Yikes! How does one even start that process? Well, I turned to the internet!

By Googling my town and pediatrician reviews, a bunch of sites came up that had women recommending their pediatrician. Several people recommended one by my house. Well, today I called them to sign up for one of their prenatal meetings and. . . TAH DAH. . . they wanted us to come tonight! What? I'm so tired after have a three day weekend! But, off Mr. Later Than Most and I went to the 7pm appointment. Okay wait, details. Mr. Later Than Most had a headache, so he was being a bit of a brat. I don't blame him, I didn't want to go either, but this crap needs to be done! Hehehehehe.

I like the office's website for many reasons. It had a ton of info and plenty of links to things that appealed to me. Also, the office seemed very friendly and the are big into breastfeeding. I've convinced myself that breastfeeding is something I need to do. I'll be honest, I'm not that interested because it seems like a HUGE hassle, but I'm doing it (more on that in a minute).

We arrived at the office and they had a question and answer session. They gave us handouts and let us know how the office worked. I liked that they had two different waiting rooms. One was for healthy kids and one was for sick. That seemed like a good idea to me. She mentioned that they will serve patients who opt out of vaccinations. I've read a lot about this, and many offices do not do this anymore. Mr Later Than Most turned to me with that "I know you read too much and probably have many opinions" look. He then says, "You DO want to do the vaccinations right?" After all of my readings, yes I do. He was relieved. :) Then they showed us around and off we went.

Speaking of meetings. Tomorrow I'm going to a La Leche meeting with my friend "S." I'm saying S because I don't have her permission to use her name on here! I'm not sure if I told you the story of S or not. Long story short. . . during my IVF cycle I kept seeing a girl my age (are we girls?) that was getting her retrieval, transfer and blood work done on the same days as me. Then, on The Bump one day, I get a message from a girl. Long story shorter, it's S and she was at the same office as me! We are due the EXACT same day :) S is having twin girls! So tomorrow, S and I are off to this La Leche League meeting to get prepared for this crazy breastfeeding journey. I'm not going to lie, I've signed up for a couple of classes and read three feeding books already. I need to be prepared!

Well, my next doctor appointment is Thursday. I've had a lot of chocolate this week, so I'm sure that weight is rising. I need to stop with the chocolate already!

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**Papps** said...

OMG that's awesome! I hope you and S have a great time! :)
On another note, I nominated you for a styslish blog award. You can check out my blog for more info :)