January 27, 2011

For My Readers :)

Mr. Later Than Most and I have always agreed that our baby names would be a secret. We've had a boys name picked for more than two years. Yup, we knew the name we liked when we started to TTC and years later, we may get to use it! Girls names have been so, so hard. We have liked NONE! I mean, we've each liked some but we couldn't agree. Also, I think teaching kinda ruins kids's names! LOL

Well, today I figured that my blog readers know more about me than my own family (truly, because they don't know about the infertility), so I figured I'd share our potential names. Now the middle names could change as they are not in stone.

So. . . our girl name is Brooklyn. On the table is Brooklyn Reece.

Our boy name is Colton. Middle name still in the works, but we like Colton Jax. The Jax is for sure not confirmed!

So my loyal followers (that sounds bad), there is your treat! Mr. Later Than Most and I were out to breakfast this weekend and joking about Brooklyn's name. We said we should totally make her middle name another town so it would sound really weird! We joked about Brooklyn Milwaukee and Brooklyn Pittsburgh. Hahahah, yes, we are nuts!

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Christina said...

YAYY!!!!! I would have burst if I wasn't allowed to know the sex OR names! I really love both of those names! Thanks for letting us in on your little secret! ;-)