January 10, 2011

Appointment and Labor Class

Last week I had my 27 week appointment. At this point, they are easy! I was glad to see that I'm now up 8 pounds! Finally! I don't watch what I eat whatsoever, so I'm thinking I just have that random body type. Doc said my GD test was awesome. I needed a 134 or lower to pass and I had an 85. As I may have mentioned, the anemia test wasn't as good. No big deal, they upped my supplements and now I'm eating all kinds of gross foods! My iron was actually lower than it was at my 12 week appointment, so it's good that I've already been on supplements. My blood pressure was great and the baby's heart rate came in at 155 bpm. When he did my belly measurement, he reminded me how tall people can really hide a pregnancy. The measurements looked great though. I do have my next MFM appointment (and probably my last, at 31 weeks). Not much longer!

On Saturday Mr. Later Than Most and I went to childbirth class. Of course, being the teacher I am, I read a TON before going. So, I truly knew almost every thing. It was great for him though and he learned a lot. I was very impressed with his interest. I think I've got a pretty good guy here. Especially since he can deal with my craziness!

Tomorrow I will be 28 weeks. . . EEEEEK! 12 weeks to go! Mr. Later Than Most has been working up a storm on this house. We pretty much have every room done except the baby's room. I know that sounds weird, but now we can put our time into it and get it done. I'll be excited to start working on it!

Other than that, I'm just thankful for each day :)

Oh and Heather has her IVF egg retrieval on Wednesday! I think this is good luck! She and I have the same IVF timeline: trigger on Monday, ET on Wednesday, and a 5 day ET next Monday! Hang in there Heather!

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