August 27, 2013

FFS and Holy Shit

FFS- For Fuck's Sake

Again dear reader, I know you have not pegged me as a teacher of little children, but I promise you that the "teacher me" is much more professional  than the "infertility" me.

For Fuck's sake- My RE's office called today and cancelled my next item on my list before I can do my FET. Apparently the scheduler "forgot" it was a holiday weekend and they cannot do my HSN (water procedure) because there is no ultrasound tech to read the results on duty. Mother of crap. The more we push this out, the more screwed up this gets! I wanted a June baby for school reasons and now I'm possibly in the July baby area. I know, I know, "normal people don't get to choose their due dates" (insert 'know it all voice'). Yea, well I'm not normal in any way, shape or form. And as I've stated before, I feel that us IF girls can at least pick our own due date since we've literally been screwed in so many other ways.

Now, holy shit. (OK, I'm not very religious so I hope that isn't offensive). . . Holy shit. . . . taking 13 vitamins a day is kicking my ass. I'm so very good at following directions and taking pills but man, I'm really cramming them down. I'm also carrying around one of those days of the week pill holders, which is making me luck much older than 35.

Speaking of 35, is is just me or am I literally getting older by the minute as I'm waiting for the HSN to be scheduled? I better call those bitches and reschedule tomorrow!!! ;)


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