September 5, 2013


I'm starting to wonder if I feel like I'm just the know-it-all this time, or if my RE's office is driving me insane.

So three days after they cancelled my procedure, I called to get it rescheduled. I couldn't talk to the scheduler because she was working with IVF patients all morning. Totally get it, that's fine. I asked to be transferred to her voice mail so I could tell her to go ahead and schedule my procedure, and I will work around the time that she picks. Well, she didn't get back to me for two days. Ok, fine. So I take a half day from work and now I'm all set to get the HSN on Monday, September 9. Well, I only needed to be on the pill for three weeks and next week is three weeks. They won't order my meds though until I pass the HSN. Um okay. How many people literally don't pass the HSN? Like 5%? Now I have to schedule another day off of work. They won't even let me schedule my injects training class until I pass the HSN. I kindly asked if I could just book the appointment so I could plan my day off from teaching accordingly, but big. fat. no.

Now, there could be a couple of things going on here. #1. When I did IVF I was off of school the whole summer, so perhaps I dealt with this bull a little better. Or, #2, FET patients get the shaft while IVF patients get all the appointments. I mean, my IVF was about $22,000 and the bill for the FET is only $5,000. Or, #3, I'm just really annoying and being too pushy. I dunno, just seems they aren't very flexible.

Anyway- so I'll go Monday for my HSN. Then I'll call on Tuesday and have them schedule the injects class for me. That's normally the same day that they call and order the meds from the specialty pharmacy. Then I'll call billing on Tuesday and make sure that they have approval from insurance to move on with the procedure. GAH!

So the ever waiting question remains. . . transfer two or one? I cannot decide.

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Heather said...

I do honestly think IVF patients get "first dibs". I noticed a difference with my IVF vs. FET and appointments.

In regards to transferring one or two. Well, the first time I transferred just one and it failed. The 2nd time, I transferred two and only one never know. It's like going to the casino. All of the embies we had were grade who the eff knows. Of course I am happy now because I did win the prize. The first time I let the embryologist decide how many. The 2nd time, I TOLD them two. See, I am pushy too. You have to be when it comes to something like this..we have been through enough shit right?!