August 6, 2013

The Twin Conversation

Yesterday I was really tight on time when I was writing my blog. I didn't really get all of my ideas out so I thought I'd come back and finish.

As you can imagine, this dilemma of transferring one or two is quite the dilemma. Though we imagine ourselves as a family of four, we would certainly welcome an extra addition of that was what is in store for us. The thing is, those of us girls who have spent a lot of time on infertility forums really know how risky a twin pregnancy can be. We have watched too many of our internet friends experience rough twin pregnancies, some of which don't end the way they should. This is actually what frightens me. I'm not sure if this is at common as it seems, or it just seems more common because I've exposed myself to more people by being online. Either way, I'm frightened of that.

Because I'm such a researcher (another flaw), I was Googling "twins and FET" last night. I did find that most other countries really encourage their IVF/FET patients to transfer only embryo. Europe especially is making patients more aware of the risk of carrying multiples. I know, I know, I think too much. Either way, at least my decision will be very informed!

On the cycle front, I talked with the billing department at my RE's office today. I need to keep them on track and make sure they get every procedure is preauthorized so it is covered as it should be. Speaking of, I cannot be any more thankful for the insurance coverage that we have. I know there are many, many couples who have no coverage. Wait, for a minute you thought that my coverage for infertility was because I am a teacher, right? Big. Fat. No. In fact, they won't even cover any blood work. Nice huh? Luckily Mr. LTM's job covers everything for us. We are indeed very, very lucky.

Ok Miss B is running all over, but I still need to post on BBP#2 (Baby BiPolar #2).

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