May 29, 2011

An RE Visit and Random stuff

From that post title you might think I'm already working on baby #2. Well, you are out of your mind! Ha!

This week S and I took the girls to the RE's office to see the staff. We mostly went to see the embryologist who was super nice when I was there. Actually, we are birthday twins. We also saw a couple of others who played a big part in our successes. Unfortunately our RE was not in that day and neither was the ultrasound tech, so it looks like S and I will have to take the girls back some time. It was really fun to see them and of course they are always interested in seeing the "final product." It was weird to pull into that parking lot and take a baby carrier out of the car. Or, in S's case, two carriers out of the car!

Things are going well here. Miss Brooklyn has been a champion sleeper. Well, I should bite my tongue right now on that one. She normally goes to sleep around 8:45pm and for some strange reason she's up right now an it's 10:00. I think I will blame this one on Mr. LTM. Sometimes when he feeds, she eats and falls asleep so he stops feeding. Then she gets up again in like 10 minutes and he feeds her again. Um, not me! Those little eyes will be closed and I keep shoving that bottle in her mouth. Yes it sounds like I'm force feeding her but she needs to eat to sleep!

For those of you pregnant girls I've found a few things that are critical to getting the baby to sleep. One thing we always do is swaddle. I'm sad to say that my Aden and Anais swaddle blankets are not the ones I rely on for bedtime. They are good for swaddling, but I'm a nervous wreck that she'll loosen it and it will be on her face. So, we rely on the velcro swaddles.  I'm even using the fleece ones and it's almost summer. We keep the air on so they've still come in handy. Also, I'm a huge fan of the Homedics Lullaby Sound Spa. It plays music, white noise, and even projects cute little images on the ceiling. Right now she's watching those images go round and round. Eventually, she'll pass out! Another item I've come to love is the sheet saver. It something you lay over the crib sheet and then button around the crib slats. I can't tell you how many times Miss Brooklyn spits-up on her sheet saver and then I can just peel it off. I love not changing the sheets at night!

My shopping hasn't stopped one bit. The difference now is that I buy nothing for myself. I mean, I'm sure all of my purchases are critical. For instance, we do quite a bit of traveling, so last week I bought Brooklyn a Vera Bradley weekender bag. I've already used it and it fits her stuff nicely. Don't worry, I got it at the outlet mall. Yesterday I bought her the cutest denim jumper and matching purple sunglasses. Those too are critical. She hates squinting in the sun! Oh, and two weeks ago I bought her a pool. Yes, I just said a pool. I know she can't hold her head up but it's a cute little inflatable one that has little toys dangling from it! Come on, isn't cute? And S had a fab idea. . . she's going to put her girls in the Bumbo and then sit them in a baby pool. Isn't that genius? I guess that means I'll be toting my Bumbo over to her house this summer!

So speaking of baby number two, I went to my six week post partum visit and of course they asked me what method of birth control we planned on using. I figured I'd just say "infertility" but I know that wouldn't cut it. Actually, since our infertility was sperm quality and count, that could be different now. It could be better or it could be worse. I'll be honest, I'm still adjusting to life with a little one. I'm one of those people who is always out and about and doing something, so this is been a life style adjustment. Of course I love it, but I'm still getting used to it (and my 8pm bedtime). So, the thought of a second baby truly makes me cringe. Oh and the cost of daycare . . . not so much. So, though I HATE HATE HATE taking a daily pill, I did decide on "the pill." Again, not a fan but I needed to do something. Aren't you glad I shared?

Well, it's off to bed I go. I'm a little mad at myself that I haven't been updating here like I should. So, my goal is to post two times a week. Keep visiting!

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