June 3, 2011

This is Weird

So, I've been thinking about the two frozen embryos we have. I have not talked to Mr. Later Than Most yet. We've had too much going on and he gets stressed very easily. We recently got a new car that we really needed. Now we are trying to organize getting a new roof on our house. I'm also switching our home and car insurance. We just refinanced our house. Mr. LTM had a friend pass away last week (very sad). As you can see, it hasn't been exactly the right time. We have about three weeks to decide what to do with them. One option is to move them to long term storage. That will be $500. If we keep them at the RE, it's $1,000. Both of those amounts are for a year. We can use the embryos and then commit ourselves to a loony bin. Finally, we can discard them.

So here is what's weird. Those embryos are Brooklyn's twin. The eggs developed at the same time and were fertilized at the same time. So really, twins. Now, of course they aren't "real" twins, but that's what I keep thinking about. The shitty thing is that before all of this, we did not see the embryos as real people. I'm sure that's a hot topic and some of you would like to tell me off. But really, we didn't see it that way and now it's a little different. The crazy thing is that you have to make this decision when your kid is only 8 weeks old and truly, you feel like you never want another kid again. Hahahaha!

$500 isn't all that much, but we've had so many money stealing things lately, that $500 kinda sucks. My plan is to bring it up to Mr. Later Than Most and try to get him to do long term storage for a year. In a year, we can make a rational decision. Now, when in the heck am I going to bring it up?


**Papps** said...

Good luck honey! I can't imagine how difficult of a conversation AND decision that must be <3

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Pappsy! And, I know some of you can't comment on my blog for some reason! I'm not sure why, but I've received texts and emails letting me know. I'll look into my end and see if there is something I can do!