May 19, 2011

The RE Called and STTN!

So, my IVF cycle will be a year ago in July. During our cycle we froze two embryos that were higher grade. Mr. Later Than Most really didn't want to freeze any, but I convinced him otherwise. I just didn't want to do another round of drugs and egg retrieval if I could freeze some and make a cycle less stressful. Luckily he understood. So, here we are, almost a year later! How the hell does that happen? Yesterday the embryologist called me. If you go back through my blogs I'm sure I bragged about her. She was real young, cute, and my birthday twin! We hit it off right away! Anywho- yesterday she called to tell me that we'll need to make a decision with our frozen embies. We either need to discard them or send them to long term storage which is $500 a year. The $500 certainly beats the $1000 the RE charged! Also, she asked me a ton of questions about Brooklyn. Every healthy baby born is a boost in ratings for the RE. I told the embryologist that S and I would bring all of the girls in sometime soon. Don't forget, S and I had identical IVF cycles at the RE and I kept running into her. We never talked, but she found me on TheBump and we've been friends ever since. Of course the RE staff love this and they are dying to see all three girls. I talked to S, and we may do that next week!

Now for STTN!!

 Okay, I have not wanted to jinx this, but I need to brag about Brooklyn. Being a teacher, I can obviously tell this early that my daughter is at the top of her age group.   Ha! Did you believe me? Mr. Later Than Most and I send each other messages about how "gifted" B is. Mr. LTM was a gifted child and probably still a gifted adult. Well, at least I'm hoping so because that would explain why he is so darned difficult! Ha! And as a third grade teacher I get plenty of parents who think their kid is gifted, so we like to play this at home. Anywho- my whole point is that B has been sleeping through the night for a while now. I'm not going to elaborate too much because I don't want everyone to be jealous.

Okay maybe I will. So, since four weeks we'd put her down at about 8 or 9pm and then she would eat at 2am. You do the math. That's five hours from 9 to 2. Well, lately she's been going just a little later than 2am. Sometimes 2:30am. . . whatevs. Well last night Mr. LTM brought me the monitor at 1:45am. I did my usual grumpy complaining, "This sucks. . . I never sleep" yaddie yadda. So, I prepare the bottle, put it on the counter and lay on the couch. After a couple of random dreams I hear Miss B stirring. I try to get to her right when she's about to cry, but before she wails. Well, I look at the clock and it's 4:50am!!!! WTF!!! She slept from 8:15pm to 4:50am? I went flying into her room thinking that she was seriously starved. I picked her up and well, she was just wide awake and no where near crying. Although, she was going to town sucking on her hand! What a good girl!


Melissa said...

Hi!! I found your blog from lurking on the bump. . .

Wanted to tell you what an encouragement your blog has been to me today! My DD is 5 weeks old today, our IVF baby! I've been dealing with major guilt because of low BM supply and RTC pumping/fenugreek/etc resulted in crappy results. She is primarily formula fed now and I feel like such a failure! I read about your BF situation and I feel less alone. Thanks for posting!!

Teresa said...

ahh good little girl.. Before you know it you will be putting her down at 7pm and she will be getting up at 7am... yay... sounds like everything's going great

BBColt78 said...

Melissa!!! I'm glad my blogged helped! I was feeling terrible so I know what you are going through.

I'm excited for you and your IVF baby! Isn't it crazy to look at them and think they were in a lab? I love Science!