May 11, 2011

My Stroller Buddy

The weather has finally warmed-up here in Chi Town! Yesterday Brooklyn and I met S and her twins at S's house. We took the three girls to her town's "downtown" and just pushed the girls all over. We got smoothies and just enjoyed another adult's company. It was great fun, and horridly hot! After about three hours, we began to walk back to her place. All three girls slept the entire time. We hope to get together a couple of times a week.

Mommyhood is going well and I'm getting used to staying home from work. Brooklyn and I take our City Mini out on the town each day. Today we went super early to avoid the heat, but we didn't avoid it so well. I was so gross from sweat! Tonight I went out and got an SPF cover for the infant seat so B doesn't have to have a thick blanket shielding her from the sun. We plan to get a pass to Brookfield Zoo this summer, so that bad-boy will come in handy. Also, S plans to take us with her and the girls to the local Arboretum so it'll get a lot of use.

B is getting so big. She smiles here and there and sometimes it's right at you. She is VERY long! LOL I think she's probably 23 inches already! Tomorrow I should measure her! I know she's over 9 pounds because I got on the scale with her the other day! Ha! Today I officially switched her to size 1 diapers. The newborn still fit, but I feel like she should move to 1s. So far, I use both Huggies and Pampers. I've noticed a difference between the two, but I'm not sure which I prefer.

More later!

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