March 31, 2011

Today's Appointment. . . Uneventful!

Ha! I had a regular checkup today and the doctor was like, "Still hanging in there?" Yea buddy, I'm hanging in there! Although, at least I've been able to enjoy my spring break by doing anything I like! I've done some shopping and lots of visiting with friends. Today I saw S and the twins! Yes, my baby's labmates! Hehehehehe, they were all hatching at the same time! S wanted to get out and I was in the area. We went to Target and truly just lapped the store. S was trying to just get out and I was trying to walk this baby out! Her girls were so cute and sooooo good! They slept the thirty minutes that I was there. I may be venturing over to her house tomorrow. She's bored at home and I'm bored too, so we may as well be bored together. Plus, I can take one of those babies off of her hands and get a little practice.

As for feelings, I've got none! No contractions or anything. But, I do feel like baby is falling out so that should be progress, right? All I know is the longer you go, the bigger they get and this little one can sure pack a punch!


littlesquirrels said...

so jealous i wish i had someone to hang out with that has a baby

BBColt78 said...

Yes, it was def fun and I was able to give S a "twin" break when I went there yesterday :) But, I don't think holding one for two hours is that big of a break!