March 27, 2011

Clean and Rest. . . Repeat

Ugh, I think I know what they mean by nesting. Yesterday Mr. Later Than Most and I went to get the inside of my car detailed. This was my birthday present and I was dying for it! I didn't want to put a new baby in a dirty car (weird I know), so off we went. DeltaSonic did a really awesome job. I told MLTM that I wanted to actually sleep in the car. I don't think he's too surprised by anything I say or do lately. Poor guy.

When we got home late last night, I started thinking about everything I wanted to clean today. There is only one problem with all of the cleaning fun. . . it's exhausting! So, I just spent over an hour cleaning every crack and crevice in the kitchen, and now I'm on a 30 minute break. Although, every time I clean something, I need a shopping list of things I need to replace or some cleaning product I'm almost out of. So now a Target trip is for sure in order for today.

In general, MLTM and I have done a good job on our house. It is small. This wasn't supposed to be our "real house" (that's what we've always said). We moved in here 6 years ago and figured it was a great starter home for the two of us. We knew we'd live here for about 5 years and then get something bigger. Well, at year 4 we started making improvements to sell, and at this point I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the market sucks and we are stuck here. We are beginning to accept that, but I grew up in a house this size and it just drives me crazy. We have 975 sq. ft of living space, and that includes one bathroom that my husband is not good at sharing :) Either way, these days we are lucky to have a house that we can afford and actually call ours. So, when I'm doing all of this cleaning, I try to remind myself that though it's a small house, it's ours.

As for baby stuff, we are just missing the baby. Everything is totally ready and has been. It appears my ticker says I have 9 days left to just sit and hang-out. It's weird to just be waiting for something so big to happen! Should baby not want to come out on his/her own, I have a scheduled induction date of April 8th. That's less than two weeks away!

Well, it looks like my Swiffer floor is clean. I'm off to work on our living room. More posting to follow. . .


Tara said...

I did the same thing with my car before Connor arrived! :)

We spent the first year with Baby in an 800 sq ft condo, so I know what you mean. :) In some ways it's nice to have less to clean and less distance to cover walking to the nursery after baby arrives. :)

I keep checking your blog for the big news! :) I'm glad you're feeling well enough to clean but yes, rest too. :)

Teresa said...

9 days.. wow.. that seems to have gone so fast but i guess for me (who isn't pregnant) that's easy to say.. i can not wait to read the blog about your birth and baby (with loads of pics of

BBColt78 said...

Glad you girls are still reading :) Don't you worry, now that I'm home and not working, you'll be getting the details! LOL