March 11, 2011

36 Week Appointment

My appointment was great last night. Mr. Later Than Most came along too to meet the doctor and get a glimpse at our last ultrasound. The baby was head down (yay!). It was moving all around and so cute! When the doctor switched to 3d, we got a good glimpse at the face! The quality at the OB's office isn't that great, but it was still good to see!

I took another iron test and that anemia is not going away any time soon! So, now I'm on two iron pills a day. At least my number went up. At my 12 week appointment it was 11. They want (at my office) between 13.5 and 15. At that point they put me on one pill every other day. At my 20 week it was 9.4. Whoops. So, one iron pill a day and instructions to eat more meat. Meat is very, very difficult for me to eat, but I've been working on it. Well, yesterday it was back to 11.3! So at least it went up but he wants to kick it into that normal range.

Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with S. Do you remember her? We met online. She found me and realized that we both had IVF in the same office and on the same days. Then we remembered seeing each other for each visit. We chat every day through text and have gotten together several times. Her little twins will be here on March 23 via c-section. Those two little cuties are both breech, so S is all set for her appointment. I was hoping they could switch to my birthday on March 24! So, we'll go to breakfast tomorrow and maybe a little Babies R US since they are supposed to be having a "shower" for expectant mothers.

On Sunday I'll see another friend who is expecting. Actually, she was Mr. Later Than Most's friend and now we have bonded. Her shower will be next month and I won't be able to see her. So, I had fun buying her a bunch of stuff and I'll give it to her on Sunday. I love giving gifts to people!

Let the count down begin!

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