March 24, 2011

Almost There!

I've been bad about posting!

Well, the last I mentioned I was getting together with S before her induction on the 23rd and before this baby comes. Well, S had her twins that day, so we didn't get together! I've seen adorable pics of them though and they are just adorable! I'm so excited for S and that her long-awaited day is finally here.

I've had two more showers since my last post! Mr. Later Than Most's colleagues threw a surprise shower for him. They invited me and I worked a half-day so I could attend. It was really great! They had tons of great food and even baked chocolate chip cookies for me since that has been my "craving" (or addiction, whatev). They gave us a ton of diapers and an AMX gift card. They were very generous.

This past Monday I was surprised by another shower hosted by 51 third graders! Some room moms attended and organized. We played games and have treats. The kids made me the cutest scrapbook and my class gave us a Target giftcard. The generosity of people amazes me.

As for updates. . . my doctor was very surprised I haven't had any real contractions yet. Also, I'm not having any pressure so perhaps this baby hasn't dropped. I've always gotten a ton of BH, but nothing real. We tried to schedule my induction date today! They would actually let you get induced as early as 39 weeks, but Mr. Later Than Most and I were not interested. I want to go past my due date, so they'll be scheduling for April 8 or 9th. The scheduling unit at the hospital was closed, so the RN will call me tomorrow and let me know the date and time. Scary to think I could have picked a week from today!

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school! I can't believe it. In my nine years of teaching I have really over done it with volunteering for things and different committees. As of tomorrow, I'll be free from work and any classes until August. I know babies take up a ton of time, but I'll still need a mini hobby. I do NOT relax at all. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll eat those words! hahahaha

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