April 2, 2011

"Four Days to Go"

Well, that's what my ticker says. But, what does it know anyway? Mr. Later Than Most thinks everyday is the "day." For weeks he's been asking the baby when it's going to come out. I always followed that conversation up with, "not for a few more weeks." Now I let him have the conversation! The good news is that I still feel like a million bucks. How lucky am I? That can't be totally normal! Again, not a lot going on the "progress" front. I had a ton of Braxton Hicks last night and they never amounted to anything.

Today should be fun (if I can get off of the damn couch). Mr. Later Than Most and I are going to a local park to take some pictures. I was going to do professional ones, and then I kept getting nervous and canceling the appointments. I don't know why. So, I feel much better just going causally and getting some pictures. I am very, very organized so the fact that I'm going just days before my due date literally cracks me up.

One way or another, this baby will be here in less than a week. My April 8th induction date is still sitting there. I really hate to get induced, so I may need to up my walking. The past few days have been yucky out, so I've walked Target and Walmart like there is no tomorrow. The only problem with this is that I end up buying stuff. So, these are expensive walks!

Yesterday I spend a couple of hours at S's house with her and the twins. OMG- they are just darling and so little! We thought maybe a little time together would make my baby want to meet hers. Yes, we are weird. But, it's fun to say that we can wait for the baby's to meet since they were labmates. Speaking of labmates, I noticed that Mr. Later Than Most will not be coming around with the IVF thing any time soon. When I mentioned the lab mates thing he gave me a look and said not to get too comfortable talking about that. It's weird to me but makes sense. I have several girlfriends that are going through treatments that I talk to or text, so it's in my real world. Also, I spend a lot of time on my websites talking and discussing things with other girls. Mr. Later Than Most has truly had a drive-by IVF experience. We did the shots and the procedures and since then he's had a pregnant wife. So, it's easy for him to not think about it. I do know that he has mentioned several times he's happy for the path we've taken and wouldn't have it any other way. Either way, I've mentioned this before, to me it's up to him. I've told some people and that's all that's needed. I've told about two people more than he knows, and that's fine. They are two girls that are struggling with treatments and there was no way I was going to let them feel like they were abnormal or alone. Mr. Later Than Most will realize this if the time comes.

Um, perhaps I should get ready for my pictures?

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Teresa said...

wow not long till we have baby news... soooo happy and excited for you. You and your dh deserve this and will be amazing parents..