July 19, 2013


Tomorrow is a big day! I'm going to a baby shower and I just realized that I'm not bitter at all! WOW! I've really come a long way!

Going back through old posts you may have noticed my favorite baby shower game. Yea, it's the one where you get the invite in the mail and time yourself. "Let's see how long it takes me to open this invite, go online, purchase a gift and have it sent." Eight minutes is my record for anyone who remembers. Yes, baby showers SUCK THE BIG ONE for those who are infertile. Tiny cute little things. So much belly rubbing. So much, "ZOMG, I can't wait to have a babeeeeeee." "Totes yea me too, I got preggers in like three secs with my first." Seriously. Shoot me now.

I don't know. Am I not even an Infertility Jerk anymore? Is the devil gone? I feel great about this shower tomorrow. The only negative thing is I don't know which pants to wear. Other than that, I feel like a million bucks. Part of me thinks it's because I have that appointment at the RE on August 5. Another part of me thinks that the pain is much less worse when you already have one child to be greatful for. Either way, it's a mind screw. All I know is I feel like a million bucks. BRING ON THE ONESIES!

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