July 11, 2013

Ok, You are All Still Reading

You people are still reading my blog! I go to check the stats once in a while and my blog had 35 hits just yesterday. That is a shit-ton of pressure people. But you are lucky, I do have some crap to say.

Well first, let me just say that I've been going back through my blog and reading some of the posts. Holy crap, I'm rather funny. I mean, I even had myself laughing and my own writing. That's when you know you are either an idiot or your own biggest fan. I'm going to go with an idiot.

So here is what happened today. I'm innocently driving to a friends house with Miss B in the back seat. She is WAYYYYYY into music. It's scary. She knows the lyrics to an entire Taylor Swift song. So after her solo about a girl meeting a boy at the alter and running away, Katy Perry's "Firework" came on. I may or may not have mentioned this is previous posts, but that song reminds me of my pregnancy. I always felt that the baby was a "firework" and was going to show us all what it was "worth." Anyway, then Miss B learned to sing the "Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh." part and it was just very timely. So today the song comes on and Miss B is just drinking in her sippy. All of the sudden I get all teary-eyed. All of those damn emotions of infertility came storming back to me. That song made me remember the pregnancy that I actually never though I would get. It's so WEIRD. You know how you smell a perfume or certain candle and it reminds you of a specific event, well this song does that for me. It's so weird. Then I started realizing that those feelings just don't go away. I think I've always known this and my other IF friends say the same thing, but it really is true. Horrible experiences just stick with you. I guess we all knew that the hostility was still there when I wrote that recent post called, "Infertility Jerks." Oh yes, if you missed that one, you really missed out. The other good post of attitude is called something like, "Don't be an A-hole."


Christina said...

I think the infertile in me is getting the itch to blog more too! I just posted for the first time in TWO YEARS...well....almost!

BBColt78 said...

OMG! I'm heading over there now!

stephanie said...

Lol that Katy Perry song is was my pregnancy theme song!!! Every time I hear it it reminds my of when I was pregnant and it makes me sad.