July 9, 2013

Road to Mommyhood- Take 2

Be warned. . . my infertility devil is back.

Now that you know that, you'll know that I announce news with minor excitement. Mr. LTM and I are scheduled to see our RE on August 5 to discuss a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). In regular people terms. . . baby number two! Yes, yes, you are excited right? I am too, but that damn IF devil is already screwing with my mind.

Let me be the first to say that I'm already less consumed and stressed this time around. Having one child already does make the journey easier. The first time around there is a ton of pressure and what-ifs. What if I never have a child? What if IVF doesn't work? What if I never get to experience pregnancy? This time around I'm taking it easy. . . no Google, no chat forums, no website stalking.

I won't really know too much about an FET cycle until my consultation appointment on August 5! I'm excited to see what my doctor suggests and more excited to see how quickly we can get this ball rolling! I mean, I am 35 already! Well, those eggs are from when I was 32, so you do the math. Am I a high-risk geriatric mom at the age of the 35, or will I just be a 35 year old carrying 32 year old eggs? Totes confusing!

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