July 10, 2013

13 Reasons I need Baby Number 2

1. I have this amazing Chicago Bear's maternity shirt that says, "We are Bears Fans!

2. Brooklyn has asked me where her brother is. "Um honey, you don't have a brother, remember? Just a dog."

3. I'll need some info to keep this blog going.

4. My MFM told me that I had the perfect torso to carry multiples. Now, is it just me or does that mean it's an uber perfect torso for a singleton?

5. I bought an Ergo in Galaxy Gray that really needs some more use to get my $120 worth.

6. A second baby just shouts "Screw you infertility! I did it and I will do it again!"

7. Embryo storage has been costing $500 a year. We wouldn't want that to go to waste, now would we?

8. I already know that my favorite brand of diaper is Parents-Choice. I really need to just try to use those from birth and see if I like them as much as I think I do.

9. A second baby would allow me to contemplate cloth diapering. Screw number 8.

10. I'm wondering if the second baby will fall out like the first one did. (see birth story from April 2011)

11.  Will the second child be as cute as the first? Let's find out!

12. I can truly use a 9 month break from wine.

13. Aden and Anais. Enough said.

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