August 8, 2011

Miss Brooklyn and Baby Number 2!

Yes I totally just tricked you by my title. You see, I haven't posted in a while and I still want you to keep coming back. I know I've been bad and have not updated!

So the baby #2 is not because I have performed a infertility miracle and got pregnant by magic, it's because I did pay for our frozen babies to stay frozen for another year! Some days I think we are crazy but we do talk about number two and maybe, just maybe using one frozen embie next summer to see what happens. That would make Miss B and number 2, two years apart. That whole thing can change tomorrow though.

Today Miss Brooklyn is 4 months old! Oh my, I could just cry. She is getting so big. I'm not just saying this because she's mine, but she is SUCH a good baby. She is always in a happy mood, always smiling, and never complaining about anything. We are so lucky!

Miss B had her 4 month appointment today! She weighs 13 pounds and 5 oz which is the 44%ile. Her birth weight was 7 pounds and 5 oz so she has almost doubled. Her height at two months was 23 3/4 inches and now shes 25 inches which is the 79%ile. The doctors said that she is doing great and checks out perfectly. We are so blessed. Now I don't want to mislead you that I have a perfect baby because she does have a tiny bit of cradle cap. Actually, the doctor said she could not see it but could feel the patch on her head in a little spot!

As crazy as it seems, she said I can start Brooklyn on rice cereal! I'm not ready for this madness! A spoon? People, she's 4 months old. Why don't we just rush her off to college for Pete's sake. I don't know if I'm ready for this, but if she is then fine. Tomorrow we are going to S's for a visit and we may try the cereal there. She just started it with her twin girls so she has some experience!

On a sad note, I have to start going to work to set up my classroom next week. Yes, my long break of being a stay at home mom is over. I did enjoy it though. Okay I'm lying. The beginning sucked and I wanted to drive off a cliff. I was so bored, but Brooklyn finally because interactive we are buddies :) Luckily, she'll be two houses down from where I'm working and I can keep my eye on her :)

On the friend front, I still have one friend IRL waiting for her baby. She did an IUI injectable cycle and it failed. I hate it. She's going through that really rough patch where she thinks she'll never be a mom and everything is bound to fail. Many of us have been there. I'm doing my best to keep her motivated and not so down. I know this is going to work for her. Did I mention that I sent her to my RE? I really believe in that guy so I know it'll all work out. I'll keep you posted!

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