August 18, 2011

We're On Our Own

Well, Miss B and I are on our four night vacation together at home. Mr. Later Than Most is away with some friends for four days. So far, we're doing well. Um, well not including the random rash she has and now we have to go to the pediatrician. I noticed it on Monday, but I thought it was still the newborn rash she used to get when she cried. Then last night I noticed it had gotten worse. So after 10 minutes on the phone with the triage nurse, she decided Brooklyn needed to come in today. Well, of course you know that when she woke up, the rash looks so much better and now I don't know if we should go in or not. Oh the fun!

Today is D day for my sister in law. She's having her baby via induction as she's a week late. Pretty random for someone who was in preterm labor at 26 weeks. Her baby had the little lung shots and everything. Now, she's overdue and getting induced. I think I've come to terms with her "random miracle pregnancy." You know, she was "only off the pill for 6 weeks." That's the claim to fame. Why do I care any way? Damn infertility. You just don't get over some stuff.

Speaking of, my IUI with injectables friend is almost ready to see if she's pregnant again. She text me from Babies R Us saying how there were a bunch of pregnant bitches there. LOL. I told her that the pregnant bitches still bother me too and I already have my baby. I've got everything crossed for her.

Tomorrow is my last official day of maternity leave. I cannot believe it. I'd rather sit here and cry about it all day but that won't be very productive. B is going to be very close and I do love teaching. I cannot believe I've been home for almost five months. I enjoyed it very much!


Jill said...

Good luck going back to work! It's so hard but it's amazing how quickly it feels routine again. Hang in there!

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Jill! Every little motivator helps!