August 28, 2011

And, I'm Working

Tomorrow will begin my first full week of school. I'm telling you, this working mom stuff is hard. I know stay at home moms work just as hard, but this is rough. I don't mind the actual working part. As I've said, I love teaching and the kids are too cute. I already have gotten many "you are pretty" comments and "you are the best teacher I've ever had." Yes it has only been 2.5 days but I teach third graders and that's the way they roll. On Friday I got a ring from a little girl and most kids are hugging me on the way out the door at the end of the day. You can't beat this job.

So, our morning starts at 5:30. Not too shabby. I get up and get myself all ready. If Brooklyn wakes before her 6:30a feed, Mr. LTM is on duty. At 6:30 I wake and change Miss B. Then she gets her morning bottle and it's out the door we go. In hand I tote my binder for our nannysitter, my lunch, my diaper bag and my school stuff. Each morning Miss B travels in her pjs. :) Can I just say, she is a great morning travel buddy! I love watching her in my car mirror. She looks all around and plays with her toys I give her. She says not a peep. Sometimes if I talk to her she can see me in the mirror and she just laughs and laughs. Once in a while she takes a quick nap. As I've said, she stays about three doors down from my school, so this is a great thing we have going.

At about 7:45 I drop her off at said nannysitter's. I take her in inside and get her out of her seat. I have a tiny chat with the nannysitter's kids before they come to school and off I go. I drive the .1 miles to my school were I'm practically running in the door to get things prepared. I now arrive an HOUR later than the past nine years. Yes, a full hour. So, my free time at school has to be used wisely!

School ends at 2:40pm and I work my ass off to get things ready for the next day. Because we only have Brooklyn for about two hours before she goes to bed, I don't want to take too much home with me. At 3:50pm I jump in the car and drive over to get Brooklyn. Again, I chat for a few and off we head home. When we get in the door, it's playtime! This is probably my favorite part of the day! At around 6:00pm we do bath, bottle and nighty night. Mr. LTM does the last bottle while I gather my clothes and Brooklyn's clothes for the next day. Everything from socks to the car seat is laid out to make the next morning as simple as possible.

Some days are harder than others. Each day I thank my lucky stars that I put myself through years of education to be a teacher. Not only do I love the job, but it gives me breaks and summers with my baby. Sometimes that keeps me going each day :)


Teresa said...

your doing great mate... Its sooo hard being a full time working mum.. i miss my babies every day. Our days sound so similar except replace the cute third graders with annoying high I know this sounds crazy but one day you will be in such a routine and comfortable with where your little girl is and that shes enjoying it (because she will be able to tell you so) that you will stay back and have a coffee with a mate or do the shopping before you have to pick her up just because some days thats easier... but ill admit it took me nearly three years to get and yes im the same as you.. summer holidays with my kids.. the BEST ever.. but that first week back kinda kills... its like starting from scratch all over again... Anyway enough ranting for me.. im just so happy for you.. it honestly seems like not too long ago you were blogging on tww about your infertility and it was heart breaking and now here you are, baby in tow, working away, happy and complete..yay!!!!

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Teresa!