August 13, 2011

The Cereal Diaries

At our fourth month check-up for Miss B, the doctor said to start giving her cereal. I can't believe my little baby is read to eat from a spoon. I really don't always listen to what the doctor tells me. I mean, she has her own opinions and her own kids. To me, she's just another piece of the information puzzle and I have to make the decisions. Yes I know Mr. Later Than Most exists too, but really? Do you think he's read any baby feeding books lately? I don't think so!

I have to admit, running to Target to buy cereal was fun. I'm not going to lie, I had been stalking the food aisle for babies for quite a while. Just another way for me to get more prepared. I went and picked out oatmeal cereal for Miss B. I'd like to say that was my idea but I'm just copying what S is giving to her girls! Tee hee. So I got the cereal, looked at baby food, and headed on our way to S's house where the plan was to give B some cereal. Low and behold, Miss B did okay. She opened her mouth once or twice and seemed to get some down. After about the third try, she cried so we decided it was time to stop. Probably a good idea!

Two days later I was at home and decided to set everything up. I got her bib, burp rag and spoon all ready. I had a genius idea to give her the cereal before her bottle! This way she'd be hungry and interested. I also got the video recorder out so I could remember this fine moment. Well, Miss B was a cereal star! She was smiling and kicking all over. Each time the spoon went to her mouth, she went crazy and wanted more. I ended up feeding her the entire serving! I was so excited at my success, until I gave her the bottle and she stopped eating after 4oz instead of 6oz. Whoops. Mommy fail.

Today I got her morning bottle all ready and the cereal all ready. I planned on giving her the bottle and then moving to the cereal. I figured since she had such a successful cereal day two days ago that today would go well. She should remember, right? Well, bottle down and it was cereal "go time." She watched the spoon come toward her mouth and. . . nada. In fact, I could swear she tightened her lips together. I tried again and nothing. So, I shall try it again when she wakes from her nap. Again, before the bottle. I'm telling you, kids truly need to come with directions. If S and I read one more feeding book, I don't know what I'll do.

Ugh, I could almost die that I have to go back to work this week. Miss B does fine at her nannysitter (nanny in the nanny's home). But Brooklyn and I are buddies, and I know I'm going to have a hard time getting back into the classroom. The good thing is that teaching doesn't even allow you time to pee, let alone time to think about your little baby that's with another caregiver.

Miss B is awake now and the cereal diaries shall continue.

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