September 11, 2011

5 Months :)

How is it that one day you wake up and your kid is 5 months old? I mean really. How does the time go by so fast? The good thing is that I take a TON of pictures. I mean a ton! We keep the camera and video camera sitting in the living room so it's really just ready for us whenever we want to take a picture.

Little girls are dangerous when mixed with a joy for shopping. There's no accessory that this kid doesn't have. Seriously, I know it's fun to shop for any baby but there is just too much girl stuff out there. We have a slight addiction to headbands and legwarmers right now. I would say, though, that there are much worse things to be addicted to. Come on. . . DRUGS! Instead I like to buy a cute pair of baby legwarmers every now and then. Yes I'm aware that 13 pair for a 5 month old is excessive, but the ads show the babies wearing them when they are toddlers and in one photo even the dad was wearing them on his arms! See, if I get Mr. LTM to wear some, I have two people wearing them for the price of one! And no, I'm not drunk right now. Ha! I kinda wish I was though! Ha!

So I did the stay at home mom thing for a tiny while and I'm just saying, the working thing gets easier but it sure is taxing. I shouldn't complain, Brooklyn goes to sleep by 6:30 and wakes up at 6:30. Before you start telling me how lucky I am and what a good baby she is, we've been tested here the past couple of nights. I have a normally, very happy baby that is now fighting me during feedings and naps. There is nothing worse than trying to bottle feed a baby that doesn't want to be held! The little stinker will eat if you walk around with her though. Ugh. Today I told her she better not be as stubborn as her dad!

So, I'm curious how people knew they wanted a second kid. I watch my niece and nephew play together and just think it's the cutest thing. It'd be nice for Brooklyn to have a full-time friend. I know it seems I'm jumping the gun, but my yearly appointment is coming up and I've been thinking about my frozen embies. If I wanted my kids two years apart, that means I'd be looking at a frozen transfer this coming summer. And to do that my HMO insurance needs to be switched to the practice that is related to my RE. So, you see this is something I need to think about. I asked Mr. Later Than Most if he wanted kid number two. He said when Brooklyn is seven years old. That way we have some help. Ha!


Teresa said...

100% agreed with the girl thing.. my daughter has way more outfits than me and shes only I had my kids 23 months apart and while it was hard for a while when they were younger its great now.. best friends and constant play mates,,, i would never change it but gee it made me disregard any thought for number and we were so lucky to have 1 and 2 so close after 5 years to get the one, i was super happy to get 2 so close.. i just feel blessed SO glad to hear how well your lil girl is going and yeah that 5 months has flown

BBColt78 said...

Thanks Teresa! Love your comments!